Vern Minard

Photographer, Artist and Adventurer

Fine Art Photography

As a photographic artist, I become an extension of what I photograph; therefore, my images breathe the life of my subjects. All subject matter contains a story. I draw out these stories with presence and inner focus, capturing subtle nuances, emotions, characters and moods. Each work of art from my collection brings captivating imagery to spaces and carries the subjects energy, ensuring an authentic touch of artistry.

My artwork is for art collectors who want to elevate the ambience of their home or office.

Commercial Photography

As a commercial photographer, I look for the innate beauty in my subject matter, combining inspiration and aesthetic appeal.

Honestly, my creativity and skills are too broad to fit into a niche market. I don't only photograph architecture, I fall in love with the people and the project. I am as quickly captivated by home décor as I am with headshot photography. My subject matter is unfettered. I love photographing people, events, products, buildings, and spaces. I want to be challenged by different subject matter to capture its essence and express my clients vision. With a tasteful blend of natural and supplemental light, I create images that instill narratives. Photographs tell stories; they portray a feeling and evoke desire. I pride myself on the quality of my work to visually articulate my clients needs and purposes.

Through my photography, my purpose is to provide a precise and meaningful rendering of my clients personal and professional branding.

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